Consumer Protection Act, 2002

Labour Charges

  • Labour charges are $115 per hour
  • Diagnostic time will be charged

Charges for other Goods and Services

  • Seasonal storage (See packages)
  • Vehicle pick up and delivery $ Shop rate per hour including travel
  • Safety inspections $ 45.00 plus applicable labour charges

(All above labour and other charges subject to HST)

Payment and Pick Up

Following completion of work payment shall be made in full prior to motorcycle pick up. Payment is subject to a term of NET 7 business days from day of completion. 

Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment and bikes that surpass the terms above shall be subject to a daily storage fee of $20.00 (plus HST).

Balances outstanding whereas the bike has already left the facility or there is no bike present will be subject to a 10% interest charge accrued monthly on balance owing at the beginning of every month thereafter. 

All credit card payments are subject to a 3% service charge, payable by customer upon payment. Any refunds issued for parts or labour will not include any processing fees incurred.


Parts removed from your motorcycle will be available to you after the work and repairs are completed. 

Please let us know at the time of authorization for work and repairs if you do not want the parts back.

Parts will not be returned if:

  • They must be returned to the manufacturer or distributor under warranty in order to get replacement parts, or
  • Replacement parts and work on the part were provided free of charge

Return of Parts

Customers seeking reimbursement shall return the defective parts to the original repairer.


  • 90 days or 5,000km whichever comes first
  • Warranty covers all new or reconditioned parts installed including labour to install

Customers who are entitled to a warranty under this section are entitled to cover from the repairer the original cost of the work or repairs. 

Loss of Warranty

Motorcycles that have been subject to misuse or abuse by the customer are not entitled to the benefit of the warranty on that part. 

Motorcycles that become inoperable or unsafe to drive due to failure or inadequacy of work or repairs must return the vehicle to the original repairer for diagnosis and repairs unless it is unreasonable to do so. 

Insurance Work

Any work ordered under a rider insurance policy will be considered confirmed to begin following the receivement of payment from the insurance company. Customers who decide to forgo work after payment has been received will be responsible for reimbursing the shop for restocking and shipping fees to return parts to the manufacturer or supplier. Parts that are no longer eligible for return will need to be reimbursed in full to the shop. 

Any labour charges incurred during work must also be reimbursed by the customer.